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Soul Scent is designed to deliver the energy of a healing session in scent form, which can then be ritualized per the needs of the individual. The intention is to capture the nuance and complexity of perfume, while only using the highest grade essential oils, so that the experience of healing and beauty could be integrated, and whole.

Each oil blend is designed to bring the wearer deeper into themselves, inviting a sense of intimacy, transformation and meaning. They can be worn alone or combined to suit one’s mood, state of being, or preference. 


Erin Yee is a healing artist in the field of acupuncture, energy medicine, and scent. Her work and aims to ground the subtle energy of each person so that they may be free to express their soul purpose in their life. 

After years of working clinically, she developed Soul Scent to combine the most potent forms of ritual, healing and beauty into one product that could be used to empower the unique experience of each person.

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